Quality Operations Manager

Full Time


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Fintech Farm

We found an amazing bank partner in India to launch a new digital bank.

I🇮🇳 India, Fintech Farm is coming!
We found an amazing bank partner in India to launch a new digital bank. We are very optimistic about India as recent changes in regulations coupled with strong digital uptake driven by UPI payment rails are bringing a big business opportunity to our credit-led product

Key Responsibilities:

● Participate in QA processes, KPIs and reporting set up
● Completing Quality Assessment (QA) activities by focusing on identifying successes and failures in Operations and Support teams’ work. At the beginning we expect OpsManager to act as a Quality Analyst as well
● Periodical refinement of the dialogue evaluation system
● Providing feedback to specialists and identifying errors’ root cause analyses (RCA)
● Participating in Quality refresher sessions and Personal Improvement plans implementation and overview
● Managing QA unit (people & process) to deliver highest quality in Operations and Support
● Prepare & report in Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly business reviews

Qualification Requirements:

● 3+ years experience as QA manager in the service-providing industry, preferably in banking orfintech environment
● Experience in building QA unit from the scratch, including process/KPIs/team preferred
● Ability to multi-task, prioritize, manage time effectively and think outside the box
● Experience in Data analytics, working with big data volumes
● Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment, with a strong focus on customer
● Excellent communication, engagement and people development skills
● Bachelor degree from a reputable University preferred

We consider as a plus:

● previous startup experience
● knowledge of the credit card or consumer finance industry, especially fintech

About us

Fintech Farm helps traditional banks to create and run digital banks (aka neobanks). We provide an amazing mobile app as well as an entire end-to-end tech stack. We develop credit engines and AI-powered credit models. We build data-driven customer acquisition and retention processes. We know how to create great customer service so that customers not just use our bank, but really love it.
Overall, we know how to make a neobank big and successful. We have already done it several times in different markets. We are so confident in what we do so that our compensation is purely performance-based